From Urban To Rural


     "Why would you confine yourself in a small island with the modernization that you are enjoying here in the city?"

     This was the common remark that I have heard from my colleagues in PWU JASMS Manila when I bid goodbye for employment in a public school in Banton.

I'm sure some people may find it weird or odd, but for me, this is just a realization of my dream. Before landing a job here in Manila, my yearning to extend my services to my fellow Bantoanons was already deeply rooted in my heart.

     I want to be a bridge builder of my own indigenous group (I consider it as one). My personal choice is more than just stability. This choice is deeply rooted from love of my hometown. It has been nourished since I joined the advocacy of Uncle Ish (as he is popularly known). I realized that it's high time for me to share my expertise to my fellow kasimanwas. My four year-work experience outside Banton is enough. I've learned many things how to survive in the battlefield called life. I have to look back and share something. God gave me skills, talents and abilities and I believe it's my mission to share these precious possessions to my kasimanwas. In my humble way I can touch the future of the younger generation.

     Perhaps, you're curious about my response to those colleagues of mine.

     ..As short as this:

     "I love my hometown!"

     I'm not saying it's the only way of showing your love to your hometown. It's my way, I believe. You have your own way of showing it and I have mine. It's just a matter of respecting one's principles.

     Just yesterday, Mrs. Villamor, the motherly assistant principal in PWU JASMS Manila is still requesting me to be back, but I humbly said, "I'm sorry. I'm determined to teach the students in the small island where I was born."

     I pray that Almighty God will bless me in my chosen endeavor.

     To God be the glory!