Top 2 LAN Games in Odiongan


By Psyche


Have you ever imagine yourself in the world of warcraft… being one of those powerful heroes with the strength, agility and intelligence of a God? Or even one of those great cops who never concede pursuing those ruthless terrorist? If not, it's a great pleasure for me to lend you a tour in the bloody but exhilarating world of CounterStrike and DOTA.


It's addictive! And I'm not encouraging you to try it. I'm just telling you the thrill behind this.




The cops are running out of time, and everybody is in haze of seeking for the deadly bomb.


"Cover me!" the leader has requested as they rounded the bombsite, hoping to defuse the bomb before it explodes. Every second is filled of agitation; every step was a careful and the bravest one. No one knows what will possibly happen. Sweat from the cop's body watered the dry soil as they make the most dangerous step, behind this door no one knows what awaits. Without any hesitations the leading cop makes a desperate step. Holding tightly his breath, sitting both sides of the door's back. No one was there, the cop gives a signal to the troupe behind saying it was safe. The bomb was a thumb away from the cops and there is enough time left to diffuse it.


"Search the area!"


The troupe carefully searched the whole site. Finding the area safe, they started to diffuse the bomb again tension filled everybody. One wrong cut, they're all dead. Almost a minute have passed, sweat flooded through the cop's body, no signs of safety can be seen from the cop's dusty face. Ten seconds have elapsed finally the cop stands, wiping sweat from his forehead.


"Bomb has been diffused!" sighed with relief the cops have felt. It seemed a torn was removed from their sun-dried throat. All cheered up for a mission accomplished. Out of a sudden, bullets stormed the feasting cops. The cops all fall dead with their body bathed with blood.






The battle between the good and the dark side continues. Every living creature is on the guard because no one could tell when the bloody war will end.


The sentinel, headed by Omni Night was getting ready for the freedom from darkness is getting nearer and nearer. The destroyer of the nature will soon be perished and all will live without any fear of something monstrous will bother their living.


Blood flooded the dry lands, rivers turn into red. Furion (sentinel) is loosing his power, but he must not give up. He is the only one who can summon soldiers for the battle.


The scourge is indeed very strong, Princess Mortred's critical strikes were deadly but all were nothing to the goddess of the forest Enchantress. Brad Warden slammed the enemies with his mighty axe. Vengeful, Dwarven, Tiny, Bristle Back, Mirana, and Jarakal fought against Traxex, Anubarak, Strygwyr, Viper and Venomancer till death.


The dark side was getting stronger, Omni Night was wounded. The sentinel's champions loose their powers. Their third towers were pushed, the scourge have entered the sentinels territory. All were loosing their hopes, when suddenly loud roars were heard from the forest and the ground started to tremble. The scourge were stunned in terror, " The Giant!, Roshan!" it was a reinforcement from the neutral creeps spearheaded by the Giant Rock Roshan.


The scourge was all crushed back to their base. The sentinel is much stronger now with the neutral monster behind them.



The sky become darker and darker, the time has come freedom will at last be savored. The scourge defenses were declining, towers were pushed, and heroes were killed except one.


The frozen throne is falling, Razor is dead, Abadon is dead but the boss is still alive, King Lich! Everyone is trying to find him. But no one knows where he goes.