By Rocky Lee Moscoso


A bowl of heaven at it may seem to my eyes as tears of angels descend from a three storey elevation that revitalizes my spirit and invigorates my body. That's the magnificence of Garing Falls in Tuguis Weste. A slowly but surely one hour motorcycle travel from Odiongan Town Proper to Sitio Centro where the first river to cross is located will be the initial step heading to Garing Falls, but every summer vehicles can pass through that river. After Sitio Centro, all you have to bother is to walk, walk, and walk. Subsequent to crossing the first river you have to walk a little to reach the Barangay Hall of Progreso Weste and that marks a two kilometer more walking. It is actually enjoyable to walk especially when you have your friends with you. You'll just feel a half of the two kilometer trip. The two kilometer tour will just give you two river crossings and lots of up and down walking, which before reaching the falls will exhaust much of your fats. The rustling and bustling of falling water signals that you are roughly there and an 84 step stairway going down is the main door to the falls. Take a grand outlook of nature's exquisiteness and unquestionably your fatigue will be thrown away like the speed of the falling water. The base of the falls has vicinity just a little larger than that of a basketball court. The water is cool and very refreshing but it is very advisable for those who can't swim to bring their own salbabida for their own safety and for them to enjoy their Garing Falls experience. Also there is a spot for non- swimmers who frequently are ladies and kids, just in top of the main base that is neither so deep nor so narrow, just right. But guys just don't take advantage. (Hahaha!) Available in garing Falls is a cottage good for camping and overnight stay. You can also experience becoming like Tarzan when you swing to the tree branches there and then jump at the base of the falls.

Phone signal is not yet available in their place so any inquiries just ask the residents there especially the caretaker Kagawad Manny Aquino.




(Courtesy of The HARROW, The Official Student Publication of Romblon State College)