Kasimanwas and Sanrokan readers:

After over a decade of RDL-CLEAR and ASCCA's vision to promote preservation of Romblon's three languages (Romblomanon, Unhan, and Asi) we have finally, gained a supporter to our cause:  The Department of Education!

The significance of this directive is manna to our supporters and our kasimanwas who have been very sympathetic to our cause through donations  to  our ongoing projects, such as annual writers' workshops on the three languages of Romblon, basic drama workshops; cultural awareness semniars through music. (Joey Ayala workshop lately)

"Without our language, we have no culture, we have no identity, we are nothing."
Ornolfor Thorsson, adviser to President of Iceland.

"When you lose a language you lose a culture, intellectual wealth, a work of art."
Kenneth Hale, who taught linguistics at MIT.

"Words, if powerful enough, can transport people into a journey,
real or imagined, that either creates
a fantasy or confirms reality."
Rachelle Arlin Credo, poet and

Qutoes courtesy of Atty. Manny Faelnar
Click below to see the new Departmental Order on Mother Tongue-based
Multilingual Education.
DO No. 74, s. 2009.pdf

http://www.deped. uploads/issuance Img/DO%20No. %2074,%20s. %202009.pdf