Making A Dream Come Through

By Chu Mangoba



In my sleep I frequently dreamed of our ancestral house in my hometown of San Agustin, province of Romblon, to be in state of disrepair and in destitute shape. The frequent dreary dreams made me decide to rebuild the house and make it our dream house. Figuratively speaking, the dream house is an American dream, but retrospectively it was my Filipino boyish dream.


Constructing a new house posed a big challenge since my wife Nita and I cannot leave our American jobs at the time when we need money to fulfill our dream. With some savings and with the help of my brother-in-law who agreed to manage the project on site we were able to start the construction on January 8, 2009.


By remote supervision through emails and text messages the dream house slowly rose from the ground in accordance with the plans drawn by Architect Sancho Faigao, Jr. Construction progressed but it never occurred in my sleep that our dream house would soon be a reality. In a recent August night I dreamed the house was still unfinished contrary to what I saw in the pictures. When I woke up afterwards I found myself with my wife lying on a new bed in what looked like the master bedroom. I started to believe the house we dreamed to build was finished. We called it "Chateau Chunitz". It is a two storey house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. One room is called Sophia and another is called Azel named after our two grandchildren. Sophia is the daughter of my eldest daughter Melynette who is married to Daniel LaBelle. Azel is the daughter of my son Austin who is married to Maria Elena Rodriguez. The house was blessed on August 28, 2009 by Fr. John Parago of St. Agustine Parish and Fr. Vic Gallos of St. Joseph Parish. It was also the feast day of St. Augustine, Patron Saint of my hometown. We came back to Illinois with suspended excitement but we are brightly looking forward to living in our chateau when we retire in a few years.


Dreams have meaning but I still do not know how to interpret them. Oftentimes, I dreamed of taking exams in school when in fact I finished college 41 years ago. Taking an exam is one of the activities I hated most so maybe it means that we dream of things we either hate most or we like best. I am not sure of whether dreams come true or not, but I am quite certain my bad dreams made my good dream come through.


* *  * * * *

Illinois, USA