TUK-ANAN, an Asi-Pilipino / Pilipino-Asi Dictionary is out! 





1. Tuk-anan has close to 10,000 entries, mostly root words. It contains a primer for Pilipino - Asi translation focusing on the use of affixes and in the process touches on Asi grammar. You"ll discover that the Asi Language is more complex than the Pilipino Language specifically in the use of verbs.


It also features a poem of Valentin Faigao, one of today"s best Asi poets, about the Asi Language in the forest of lenggua francas earlier published in Rinamayan and Mutda.


Abner Faminiano is my co-author and editor. He is also a co-author of Mutda and editor / english translator of Ap-atan. He is presently ASSCA's president.


Tuk-anan is published by SILAK.


2. It took around five years to finish Tuk-anan. It was started in 2002 as part of the Banton 2003 Project. It was actually shelved when the Romblon Studies Center for Culture and the Arts (ROSCCA) based in Odiongan, now defunct, announced it is going to make an Asi dictionary.


Probably two years after, while I was cleaning up my personal computer, I chanced at my working file and had second thoughts deleting it. Instead, I opened it and realized that much have been done already. Timely enough, there were no words as to how the ROSCCA project is going and a staff at Cybercrossing, Inc. was free to continue the encoding. There was a renewed effort to finish it.


In 2005, the first draft of Tuk-anan was posted in the Internet ( with a call for fellow Asi to  contribute additional words, supply missing translations or make comments and an invitation to Asi writers to serve as its editor. Many heard the call and took a peep but no one answered.


Last year, I presented a draft of the Tuk-anan to Abner in Banton and asked him to edit it. I did not receive any word of its progress. I was surprised to learn last May that he had worked on it and finished the editing. I spent the rest of the months incorporating the edits, layouting, re-editing, adding few more words again and again until I decided the cycle has to stop and it is time to send Tuk-anan to the printing press.


The rest is history. Timely enough, 2007 marks the 385th year of the Municipality of  Banton.


3. With the time and effort spent working on this dictionary, I would say, this is a "giving of myself" to the Asi community. In giving it all, I do not intend to  recover any amount of money that I spent for printing, encoding and layout preparations. Yes, it is being  sold for P 200.00 each but all proceeds will go directly to beneficiary organizations (who will distribute the copies themselves). Buy your copy from the organization or group you want to support. Below is the initial list:

  • Asi Studies Center for Culture and the Arts (ASSCA)

  • Ugat-Faigao for their projects in Brgy. Yabawon, Banton

  • Construction of the Sto. Nino Chapel in Brgy. Tumalum, Banton c/o the Fonte-Chua Clan

  • Emmanuel Festin"s (Lolo Awing of Sibay) Clan for their forthcoming reunion

  • Greenhorns fot their Champions In Life program

  • Subat Romblon

  • Sibale Development Foundation (Sibaledef)

I can still accommodate beneficiary organizations from other Asi-speaking municipalities - Corcuera,  Calatrava and Odiongan. E-mail me at


4. The study about the Asi Language does not end here. I am hoping that ASSCA would take it from here and develop the dictionary that would really showcase the true wealth of the language. For the meantime, all comments, additional words and suggestions may be sent to


5. For the rest of the Romblonons (Romblomanons and Onhans), if any one is interested in developing their own dictionary using the Tuk-anan framework, contact me. I believe development would be so much easier because I have a soft copy of the list of Pilipino words and affixes which only need translation, a template/software that makes encoding of the accented vowels (accentuation is very important in Philippine languages) easy and the layout. I can also help you make an exposure draft of the dictionary in the web in the same way that Tuk-anan was exposed.