RBTKK,Inc.: Of Romblomanon, By Romblomanon and For Romblomanon
By Benedict F. Orozo

Out of thousands of Romblomanons who got into their hands the so called ' LADY LUCK', not all of them look back and extend a hand. But it's not the case for the members of an organization whose main purpose is to lend a hand to those who are in need.

Isn't it a sacred commitment?

Its Humble Step

It all began with the compassion of the Romblon High School Class 64 Romblomanon and other Kasimanwa residing abroad having visited the unfortunate living conditions of the poorest of the poor, their families with less opportunity to educate their children, providing assistance to live in a more safe typhoon proof homes and raising funds for their livelihood.

On The Next Level...

This service-oriented group for Romblon was and is still on the move. After its humble beginning, it has just climb a much higher step of the ladder of community service.

In January of 2004, RHS Class 64 decided to donate a project for its Alma Mater which is a Comfort Room of six (6) toilets. It was completed and keys were turned over on September 3, 2004.

The Class contributed P320,000.00 CR project funding for the 6 toilet Comfort Room built to last for years as contribution to the Alma Mater. It was a joy for many but sadness for some who were against of the budget.

From the Heart of a Woman (And Others' Too)

Ester Mesana Meedej, though reluctant to move on without the assistance of other classmates abroad spearheaded the NGO,for the Poorest of the Poor in the community and named it Romblon Baliktatap Kabahayan Kabuhayan Inc. registered at the SEC and DSWD in Manila, Philippines in February 2006, continuing the next projects for the community.

She donated two (2) hectares for one hundred (100) homes for the homeless with Kalinga Luzon and the DSWD coordinating the project.

The RBTKK, Inc., will be raising funds for the Kabuhayan, January 16, 2008, and an Award Night for the best product of the year which will be awarded by the Mayor, Atty. Gard Montojo. A reward of P100,000.00 donated by Paul and EBM Meedej will be granted to the Best Product Producer.

Among its proposed projects are Multi-Functional Hall, under the Leadership of Harry Mazo and Cesar Madrona, Three-Toilet Public CRs for various places in Romblon proper, and Simple Reading and Creation of Learning Centers for Barangay districts.

Comfort rooms at last! It's the Class 64 first project.

Strongly Committed to Romblon

Wholehearted and with strong desire to improve Romblon in their own special ways, they keep on trying to develop tourist spots here. As a matter of fact, they are also responsible for the Tinagong Dagat Development for livelihood, fishing, and tourism.

Hoping It Would Be Forever

It's a constant prayer of every Romblomanon that RBTKK,INC., having a sacred goal, be like the circulatory system which is responsible of circulating blood containing the necessary nutrients needed by the body for functioning. The people behind this noble service will be helping the needy with compassion as long as they live.