Lighter Side


(Laughter is the best medicine.)




A new student was admitted to the BSA class. She is an American chick named Reign. One morning before the first day of their classes started a male student named Potenciano approached the girl and asked the foreigner if they can be cheat mates. Reign agreed to Potenciano's offer.


The class started, everyone had introduced himself or herself and the professor wants to test them how much they know in that particular subject.


"Yes! I'm very lucky. I think his chick is good," Potenciano whispered to himself.


Okay, Reign show me what you've got," he said to the foreigner.


Reign brought out a mini super thin IPOD computer with Internet and 3G camera.


"Whoa! That's super high tech!" Potenciano didn't hide that he was amazed.


"Of course, it's high tech. It's American," Reign replied. The chick then showed a micro speaker the size of a fingernail together with it's mole size earphones.


"Amazing! I've never seen such thing before." Potenciano was shocked.


"Of course, it's amazing. It's American," Reign said again.


Now it's Potenciano's turn to show what he got. He said, "This is a Motorola 1989 model in silent mode."


"Wow! Ancient," Reign exclaimed.


"Of course, it's ancient. It's Filipino," Potenciano replied.


Then he brought out a cell phone.


"This is a Nokia 1969 model with antenna also in silent mode because I've already sold its jumbo speakers in the junk shop."


Woah! It's expensive. It's antique," Reign was impressed.


"Of course, it's antique. It's Filipino," Potenciano proudly said.


Finally, Reign brings out a dollar with small writings on it.


Potenciano asked, "What's that?"


"Kodigo 'yan sira. Fil-Am kaya ako. "Di lang halata," Reign answered.