RDL-CLEAR Announces Fund Drive for Romblomanon Ondoy Victims

Aloha all:

RDL survived 10 years of existence on the net. It is still going strong and slowly gaining attention from politicians, LGUs, and NGOs in the province. The formation of RDL-CLEAR, a 501(c)(3), the implementation arm of RDL has gradually acquired the trust of advocacy proponents in the province. These achievements would have not been possible if not for the dedication of few believers in the goals and objectives of the organization.
Once again, we call on your generous hearts to come to the aid of our kababayans who were affected by the flood. We realize that many probably would prefer to help those close to home which is perfectly understandable. As usual however, we offer RDL-CLEAR as conduit for your donation for obvious reason of tax deduction advantage for those in the U.S.

Nic Musico
RDL-CLEAR President

Please make check payable to:

Ms. Dely F. Ferrera
3 N 209 Howard Ave.
Elmhurst, Il 60126

You may provide your accountant with RDL-CLEAR's Employer Identification Number: 36-442618; DLN 17053128000013 for tax purposes.

Relief help will focus on Romblomanon families with college students who are attending a college/university in Metro Manila and its vicinities. For accounting and monitoring system needs, heads or coordinators of organizations currently distributing relief goods and services should contact/confirm RDL-CLEAR with the name of the college student in that household, the college/university she/he is attending, and other relevant information. An additional Php500.00-1000. 00 (depending on the gravity) will be added to that family's relief cart. RDL-CLEAR will cease to provide assistance as soon as the Board of Directors ends it's Ondoy calamity funding campaign and/or cash donations are exhausted.

RDL-CLEAR won't publish the names of college recipients unless instructed to do so. We will however maintain a list of household recipients for statistical purposes.

As our funding campaign deepens, RDL-CLEAR will disburse immediately as soon as organizations provide us the necessary information and confirmation.

Our prayers to Ondoy's victims.