Romblon Sun


Odiongan - A 63 year-old grandmother from Barangay, Mayha on Sunday personally appeared to Odiongan Municipal Police Station (OMPS) and reported that she would surrender one live grenade at her residence, police said.

   Acting on the report of one Corazon Siscar Fabula, the Chief of Police, P/Supt. Nestor G. Quilinguen directed three of his men to the said barangay to verify the veracity of the report. Upon arrival thereat, the said grandmother and her son Sgt. Jessie Fabula (ret.) of Philippine Army pointed to the responding policemen an improvised poultry house beside the residence where the grenade is located. Immediately, the area was secure and cordoned by the police to avoid unauthorized person(s) to enter the place. The law enforcers with their precise action and skill safely recovered and sealed with tape the grenade. It was brought to the police station for safekeeping and proper disposition.

   Meanwhile, the grandmother added that the recovered explosive had been under their possession since 1991 until their family decided to surrender it to the police. Further, she claimed that her retired military son (Jessie Fabula) was the one who brought the grenade to their residence when the latter was still in the active service.

   A grenade is an explosive that can kill or seriously inflict injuries to innocent civilians if it falls in the wrong hands. Only military personnel and select members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) are authorized to handle and use this kind of explosive.

   The Chief of Police praised SPO1 Manuel F. Fernandez Jr., SPO1 Sandy F. Falcutila and PO1 JunJun G. Falcunit for the proper handling and recovery of the grenade with no untoward incident transpired during the operation.               

 -RSun staff