The Asi Studies Center For Culture and the Arts (ASCCA) signed two significant MOAs (Memorandum of Agreement) with Barangay Yabawon and the Diocese of Romblon through the St. Nicholas Parish Council on restoration of the the old church' side pulpit and mini-altars.


The Rev. Fr. Indalecio Factor, Parish Priest, Deogracias Faminiano Jr. ASCCA President with Banton Parish Council officers. From left to right:

Standing: Pedrito Forfieda, Dr. Aida Ferrera Fetizanan, Parish Council President Aguinaldo Fietas, Bebeth Fabonan, Adelfa Fabrero, Bert Fadrilan, ASCCA Treasurer, Gener Fabrero, & partly hidden, Lita Fano

The MOA between the Roman Catholic Bishop of Romblon represented by the Rev. Fr. Indalecio F. Factor and Banton Parish Pastoral Council provided among other things, restoration of the old church' side pulpit and mini-altars.  The funding for the project has been made possible by a grant to RDL-CLEAR from Engr. Osrox Fabella and Drs. Sotero and Cecile Fabella of New York and Las Vegas, Nevada, respectively

ASCCA President Deogracias Faminiano Jr. signing the MOA with Barangay Captain Teodolfo Fedelin and barangay officials.

The Yabawon Watershed Tree Planting aims to restore a denuded area  to be planted with mahogany, balete, "bangcal," and other hardwood trees.