Scenic Cantingas a dream no more  newspaper

SAN FERNANDO, Romblon The pride of Sibuyan --- the majestic Cantingas River --- acclaimed as one of the cleanest inland waters in the world, is now a bygone area, thanks to the mini-hydro which ROMELCO general manager Rene Fajilagutan, introduced without paying taxes to the use of the national wealth of the government.

The river, which now hardly conk outs water, is now debris laden even as a group of swimmers discovered shattered fiberglass materials, finding that the inner section of the tunnel-like structure is made of the dreaded asbestos.

The existence of the mini hydro is the main reason why the fame and luster of the Cantingas river is nothing more but a vestige of a distant past.
The mini hydro is located within the watershed area which is also being claimed as ancestral.

The construction of the mini-hydro was accomplished by the Cantingas Mini-hydro Corporation without due consultation with the residents of barangay Taclobo.
The DBP-funded project was rammed down the throat of the residents, allegedly because of economic sustenance and development.

 Investigations conducted by the Romblon Sun revealed that the juridical personality of the corporation has been suspect from the very beginning of its existence.
 The corporation is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with the following as directors: Rene Pajilagutan; Dick Romero;  Vitaliano Macato; Teodulo Montojo; a certain Dr. Benedicto and a certain engineer Virgil  II, the alleged designer of the plant.

Pajilagutan, who is presently connected with ROMELCO, is in-charge of the project which is guised as ROMELCO's power supplier.
The corporation reportedly skirted the energy regulatory board's ERB) policy that a distributor of electric power cannot engage in the business of power generation.