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Kultura: Naglikwar Yangey Baga?

Pagkarakong ako napuyot it kag Hunyo 2012 rutong ging sisiling nak "Youth Camp" nak ging patikasog it "Perlas it Biniray" sa pagrumrom ag paghanrum it 25 anyus nak pagkabuhi it Biniray.

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The Balogo Tibor - How Much Would You Pay for It?

The Balogo Tibor - How Much Would You Pay for It?

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3 Bantoanon student journalists win awards in 2011 MIMAROPA RSPC

Victory Day for Banton! Three Bantoanon student journalists won medals in the recently concluded 2011 MIMAROPA Regional Schools Press Conference held at Tagaytay City on Jan.10-12. They were as follows:

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Cantingas River - A Dream No More?

Cantingas River - Sibuyan island's pride a bygone are? Reprinted from Romblon's Sun. Permission granted

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Romblon bags 14 awards in 2010 MIMAROPAReg'l Press Con

Romblon bags 14 awards in Reg’l Schools Presscon Four campus paper advisers elected as Reg’l officers Romblon delegation grabbed 14 awards in the recently held MIMAROPA Regional Schools Press Conference at Jose J. Leido Jr. Memorial National High School, Calapan City, Jan. 12-14.

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Aya Gikahuda*

Pagamuma it ak rila

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Maliy Mayumak (Yusong ag Ayho)



From Urban To Rural “Why would you confine yourself in a small island with the modernization that you are enjoying here in the city?” This was the common remark that I have heard from my colleagues in PWU JASMS Manila when I bid goodbye for employment in a public school in Banton.

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Demystifying Mining Industry

As a preface of this column, let me qualify, I am not going to write an exhaustive commentary regarding the surrounding controversy over the Sibuyan project.

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